Corset Chick Corset review and sale!

Sexy Corset Review, Giveaway and Sale

So as many of you know already I LOVE corset’s! Good quality and cheap are my next biggest loves! How often does that happen? Not very often.. Even with me couponing and scouring the web for deals on items I want.. I sometimes order something and notice that the “sale” item is not the same quality as the one I could have bought in the store.. Now we have several companies locally that sell sexy costumes, corsets, and lingerie. My problem with them is that they are all built for super skinny, body of a twelve year old boy woman.. Which I have no problem if that’s what you have.. But I definitely don’t! I am a short, curvy woman with the body of a woman from times past. (voluptuous) Anyway, when I found this company I fell in love with their corsets! They have so many pretty ones and all within my price range. AND they are made with curvy girls in mind! (though I will warn you.. You must measure yourself.. DON’T go off your normal dress size because they don’t measure up the same.) I ordered mine and within a week I was the proud owner of a gorgeous teal lace-up corset.

Beautiful Turquoise Floral Design Corset

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Its absolutely gorgeous! And the picture doesn’t do justice to the color of the material! I also love that they are always having sales and deals going on too! Like right now they are having a huge $18 Corset Blow-Out Sale! And they have a TON of awesome costumes for Halloween or if you like to dress up for your sweetie. My fiance wants to buy a few for me and I only let him on the site long enough to find me a corset to pick out!

Giveaway to come! How about One lucky winner gets any corset of their choice of under $30 value? (I am trying to find other items to go with this giveaway to make it a date night giveaway!)



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