Shopping smart with Giftcards from Safeway

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How many of you buy Gift cards to purchase your holiday gifts?  Probably not a lot I know.. Most of us only buy gift cards when we are going to give that gift card.. To someone! Up until last year I never bought gift cards.. Not even as gifts because I found them to be impersonal and I honestly strive to have a gift that is not only personal… But something that is thought out well in advance of the {Read More}

FREE $150 Amazon Giftcard for inviting your friends!

FREE $150 Amazon Giftcard

So I’m not sure how I didn’t know about this before! But if you invite (and they sign up under your link) 6 of your friends to join Credit Sesame (Its FREE and doesn’t require a credit card at ALL!) Then they will send you a $150 Amazon Gift Card! I have three friends that have done this already and its worked for them! So if you are interested here is what you have to do!   First.. Click HERE {Read More}

Silhouette or Cricut? The Cardcrafting mama’s dilemma!

Recently I have found my love for Stamping and cardcrafting. I am obviously a very very beginner but I have been looking at some of the card cutting machine’s that there are out there.. Now like most mom’s I very rarely buy anything for myself. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I bought something that was strictly for me. So I have this overwhelming urge to think of a reason I shouldn’t buy it.. Because you know.. There might {Read More}

Best family gift for the Holidays? Check out Best Buy and LG OLED

Best Buy

So if you are like me then you have been thinking about the perfect “Family” gift for the holidays. And if your husband is like mine, then he has a list of electronics a mile long that he wants me to check out and possibly get for “us” for Christmas. At the top of his list is the LG OLED TV. Now if you are like me.. You have NO IDEA what that is or even what it means.. So {Read More}

Busy Mama… Busy Life

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Lately I feel like a horrible parent… I got a new job recently running the office of a small company here in Washington. It started out as a part time.. Small time thing. Something to bring in a few hours each week and I made more then I did at my other job so I was ok with it. Then a few hours turned into full time… and now I’m working from home even on days I don’t go into {Read More}